How to form your groups.

For song & language choices, entry formatting & submissions.

Time limit as well as deductions per hour.


  • Each group must have a minimum of four (4) vocalist members to a maximum of ten (10).
  • You may have up to six (6) members that do NOT sing. They are considered "staff-only" members. Roles are assigned as you see fit. 
  • Roles under staff-only are the following:
    • Mixer / Audio Engineer
    • Artist / Illustrator
    • Animator
    • Instrumentalist
    • Organizer
    • ... & anyone that does not fall under "Vocalist"
  • You may only work with one group any any given point of the chorus battle*.
    • Joining two or more teams for the same round and/or collaboration between two or more groups is prohibited.
    • Failure to adhere to this rule is grounds for automatic disqualification (DQ) of your individual person AND/OR the group(s) involved.
    • Transferring member(s) between groups will require the use of member transfer passes.
  • Group & alias names must keep to a PG-13 rating. Please be mindful of the amount of special characters you use.
  • Your group is required to name two (2) contacts: one main group representative & one alternate, should the former be unavailable.
  • Each member is required to have a valid social media link to sign up (i.e. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Deviantart, NND, etc.)

Groups are based on headcount. Members taking on multiple roles (i.e "vocalist & animator", "mixer & artist") do not take up multiple member slots.
You are allowed to participate Anonymously (i.e. under a different alias), but anonymity is maintained to the public only. SCB must know who is in your group.

Lastly, SCB Judges and Staff are not allowed to participate in competing groups.

In all, there is a minimum of four (4) members, to a maximum of sixteen (16) members per group.


The phrase to input into the registration form is: "I comply." Please include all capitalization and punctuation.


Contact SCB on our Twitter (@Seren_CB) and tell us the change(s) you want to make via Direct Message. Do not submit another registration form.


Until the end of the Round 1 submission phase, groups are free to make as many roster changes as they see fit - provided you notify the SCB Staff ahead of time, and that new roster stays within the group guidelines. All rosters are finalized at the end of Round 1.


During the Round 1 judging phase & onward, groups must use their member transfer passes to make further adjustments. 



  • Entry song time must be a minimum of (2:50) minutes, maximum (8:00) minutes.
  • You are welcome to sing in any language! However, the three we are most familiar with are English, Japanese and Korean.
    • This also includes songs with constructed / made up languages.
    • Translyrics are welcome! Though as stated under Video Guidelines, you are required to provide the associated links & credits.
  • Songs from all types of genre are OK!
    • Be aware of producers that do NOT allow covers of their song(s)! Failure to comply will result in the automatic disqualification (DQ) of your group.
    • Be aware of Copyright! SCB is not responsible for retrieving entries taken down by copyright or getting them back up.
  • Original ad-libs and harmonies are welcomed! Voice acting is allowed as well.
  • Original song arrangements / remixes & mashups are OK!


All entry submissions are done through Google Forms. Forms are round-specific and access-locked until the last week of each round.
You are required to use our official forms. No other forms of entry will be accepted.

  • You will be asked to submit the following:
    • A valid YouTube video link
    • Alternative / Mirror streaming link
    • Mp3 Links (Finished Mix & Acapella)
    • Group Script
    • Contact Person / Group Representative (& Contact Information)

Videos may process during the entry submission, provided a valid YouTube link is available.

Critiques, if available, are only included by request. The option for critique varies on judges' availability.


  • Entries must either be captioned, subbed OR provide a link to English lyrics / translation of the song, regardless of the language your entry is in.
  • Videos must include “【SCB3-R(#)】” somewhere in the upload title. (ex: 【Group】 Song Name 【SCB3-R1】, or vice versa.)
  • Proper crediting MUST be written down in the description!
    • You MUST include proper names, titles, and update-to-date links where applicable.
    • Failure to include credits will lead to the holding of your entry (up to 24 hours) prior to actual disqualification (DQ)
  • Entries are required to be uploaded and kept on YouTube for the duration of the judging phase, though we will consider looking at mirror links for judging purposes.
    • Be aware of instances such as region locking and YouTube Red! Should SCB be unable to view your entry, we will not judge it.


The use of "third-party assets" (i.e. items not originally created by you or your group members) will never result in direct deductions or disqualifications without prior investigation by SCB Staff. So long as you, the participant, understands that: the outside materials are not of your own creation, you do not try to brand it as your own work (i.e. art tracing, stealing & repackaging resources, etc.), and you have received EXPLICIT permission to use said items - SCB permits their usage.


Participants will not be required to divulge or elaborate on any assets used unless specifically requested to do so by SCB Staff.

HOWEVER, all entries are still subject to random screenings for the usage of copyright materials.


That being said, SCB highly recommends that you keep a list of your resources on hand & ready to provide to our panel. If contacted, you will have 48 hours to show proof that you have the proper rights to use said resource(s) under question - such as licenses, a "free to use / OK to use" policy, etc.


Listed below are potential assets / resources that SCB may, or may not, question.


  • Any significant use of audio & visual components not made by you or your group members, including:
    • Original Remixes / Instrumentals
    • Stock Images / Videos
    • Clips from other Published Media
    • Heavily Sampled References
    • Any resources listed underneath «Not Commonly Questioned» , however, the author of said materials specifically requested to be credited for their work(s).
  • Any abstract & concrete items, ideas, or individual components where the original author(s) do not ask for credit OR stated are stated under free to use policies, such as:
    • Brushes
    • Concepts
    • Fonts
    • Plugins
    • Presets
    • Sample Libraries
    • Song Choices
    • Transitions

Any outside materials used without the explicit permission from sourced parties will be considered under theft/plagiarism and are grounds for disqualification.

A detailed look into our stance on "inspiration vs. plagiarism vs. referencing" can be read here.

Feel free to contact the SCB Staff via Twitter if you still have questions or concerns about what to credit!


Grace Period is a period of time after an initial round deadline.
During grace, groups may continue to upload & submit entries, but at the cost of point deductions from their overall score.

There will be a twenty-four (24) hour grace period for Round 1.

  • For every hour into grace, one (1) point will be deducted per hour.
  • Hours are rounded up. In other words, the penalty applies as soon as you enter the next hour.
  • Groups that upload after the last hour of grace are automatically disqualified.
  • Of course, exceptions to receiving point deductions are found through using Grace Period Passes.
Feel free to message the SCB Staff on Twitter (@Seren_CB) with any questions, comments, or concerns over the rules!