The Return of SCB draws near!

Greetings everyone! Have you been well?


To start, we’d like to apologize for all the delays. Between a pandemic ravaging the world, the many injustices against Black people and other BIPOC being brought to light, the humanitarian crises (such as the one in Yemen or Philippines), and even assault allegations in several internet communities - it’s been hard finding the right time and place to bring SCB back.


We know that this chorus battle has a significant place in our corner of the internet, but the recent events brought to light are important too. It was imperative that we did not overshadow or distract anyone from the topics at hand, and gave these topics their well needed time in the spotlight.


It’s also been really hard on our staff,  mentally and physically, to keep up with both CB responsibilities and the shift in routine that most (if not all) of the world faced  in Covid-19. Again; SCB is done purely from volunteer time and effort. But just because it’s volunteered; it doesn’t mean we like publishing half-assed work. So again, we apologize for making you wait; but thank you for your generous amounts of patience as we sort everything out.


If you or your loved ones have been affected by current world events, we urge you to seek help and support where needed.


& Even if Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, the sexual assault stories, and the many topics of injustice begin to wane in social media presence; we hope you keep these stories and people in your thoughts.


As always, SCB urges everyone to be kind, and be safe. The world is tough as is; the least we can do is face others with empathy and love.


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… All right! Moving forward!


So this post will give some general, surface-level views on the changes to come. We recommend reading it in its entirety; but we’ll be publishing follow-up posts as more information becomes available.


The follow SCB changes to be discussed are listed below:


  • CB Schedule Updates

  • Roster Updates / Member Swaps

  • Critique Handling

  • Rubric Adjustments

CB Schedule Updates


Several changes have been made to SCB’s Schedule. Dates crossed out denote the old one, followed by an arrow showing the new dates. Changes will be published to the schedule page of our website. They are as followed:


Round 2

March 8th - April 26th -> July 1st - August 16th


Round 2 Judging Period

April 26th - May 10th -> August 16th - August 22nd


Round 3

May 10th - June 28th -> August 23rd - October 11th.


Round 3 Judging Period

June 28th - July 4th - > October 11th - October 17th.


Final Results

October 17 / October 18th.


Much to say: SCB Round 2 will start on July 1st.


We know these adjustments are rather significant and may have impacted several groups; which lead us to our next statement ...


Roster Updates / Member Swaps


To accommodate the significant changes, SCB will allow all active groups to add / remove / edit their rosters for the entirety of Round 2. For Round 2 only; groups can make an unlimited amount of changes to their group line-up, so long as the changes made continue to fall within our group guidelines.


All changes will be handled through the use of Google Forms (which will be published within the next day or so.) Otherwise, all other CB rules regarding group composition and how to change them still apply. (i.e. make sure you notify SCB staff of all changes!)


Again, this is only for Round 2.

Once Round 2 ends; groups will need to use their member passes to make further changes.


Critique Handling


Critiques for Round 1 are still in process. Order of priority will be first-come, first serve - and active groups will be published before eliminated groups.


Also, because of the drastic changes in SCB’s schedules; critiques for Round 2 and Round 3 entries will not be offered. Critiques take up a large amount of time to draft, and because the CB has been delayed for so long, we’d rather not push it back any further. We apologize for the trouble caused & thank you for sticking with us regardless.


More details on how and when critiques will be available will be made in a follow-up post.


& Last but not least …!


Rubric Adjustments


Several rubric adjustments will be made for Round 2 and onwards. These changes involve the weight for certain categories as well as additions / subtractions of the current guidelines in how we judge your entries.


Once we finalize these changes, we will be following up with another post & a Q&A livestream where we run down all the changes.


And that’s that for now!


Thank you again for your patience. We look forward to receiving your wonderful entries.