SCB3 Round 1 passing teams goes from 38 to 40 groups due to score discrepancies

Good evening everyone, k*chan here with an important update.


SCB found a discrepancy in how some visual scores were being calculated. Due to technical failure, some of the «% of video completed» multipliers were incorrectly calculated, leading to errors in the visual scoring. After going through the errors, we have recalculated the scores to see that the rankings have changed. For the most part, rankings between groups stayed the same, but four groups that were heavily affected by the shift are the following:


These groups, after recalculations, found that their scores did actually sit within the top 50% of all Round 1 entries. Meaning, they are still active.:

  • Laplace
  • Suoseireeni


These groups, after recalculations, were then found to be technically eliminated from Round 1:

  • 𝔩𝔞𝔪𝔦𝔞
  • CirkusaD:



However, due to this being a technical-error, we have allowed all four groups to continue into Round 2 - which is why our passing group count has been raised from 38-40. The groups have already been made aware, so the option of them continuing to Round 2 will be decided by the teams.


The new rankings can be found here. Scoresheets have been remade and will be sent out shortly.


We apologize for the trouble this has made.


In other news – there's a big change coming to the rubric regarding how we score entries for Round 2. More information will be released once we've put them into effect.