SCB Update - Registration Form Adjustments

SCB Update - Registration Form Adjustments

Hello! k*chan here with another update regarding the Group Sign-Up / Registration Form.


Lately, we've been receiving questions regarding how to form your groups, how many people can be in a single group, etc. Many, if not all, of these questions have already been answered on our website; the details found in our Guidelines. In response, we have adjusted our form to ensure that the groups that signed up for SCB are ones that have thoroughly gone through our rules & information on the website.


To ensure that all registering groups have read and comply with our rules, a Short Answer question has been added to the beginning of the form.

If you are unable to produce the proper phrase into the input field, you will not be allowed to continue with registration.


The specific phrase you need to type in can be found on our rules page.


From this point forward, SCB will not answer questions about group composition, member counts, and any other information if it has already been explained on our website.

However, if you still have questions not readily found with our info, please feel free to contact us!


For those that have already registered with SCB, expect us a DM of us asking you for the specific phrase. It has been added to our Rules page. Until then, your registrations have been put on hold.

We will hold all forms until the end of the Registration period. If we do not receive a response before the end of Registration, your group will forfeit its entry into Round 1.


Thank you for your understanding.