Post-R1 Updates & ROUND 1 RESULTS!

Post-R1 Updates & ROUND 1 RESULTS!

Hello everyone! k*chan here. It’s been a crazy week.

From everyone at SCB, we hope everyone stays well & safe amidst the COVID-19 chaos.


Speaking of which, we’d like to remind everyone that due to the worldwide turbulent situation caused by the novel COVID-19 virus, SCB3’s Round 2 Start is delayed until further notice. We made a couple announcements on this decision on Twitter a couple days ago. TL;DR is: many of our participants are currently facing COVID-19’s effects. Until all accommodations have been made, we’ve postponed the main contest. Once the situation gets more manageable, SCB will resume the competition. A follow-up announcement will be made when it is.


Don’t know what to do in the meantime? Have no fear!!! While our main event is taking a backseat, we’re preparing a whole bunch of mini-contests as we wait it out! More details will be shared in a follow-up post.


Now then - time to review some things noted, and important updates going into future rounds.


Post-R1 Notes & Updates:

  • Group Rosters have been finalized; Group Passes are now available for use. Final reminder that going forward, groups will need to utilize their passes to make changes in their CB roster. Information on how to use the Passes & The associated forms (coming soon) are on the Passes website page.
  • New “Visual” Challenge Added:
    • [2115] - Use varying rates of frames per second (FPS) in your video. ( +2 )
      … This isn’t really new, I just accidentally left it out of the list when we published it (I’m sorry!) But this new Visual category challenge will be up for grabs in Round 2 & 3!
  • Video Description Credits: Please check your listed credits! Several groups had their entries sitting in “Holding” status due to improperly listed or linked credit(s) in the upload description. Remember to check our Rules page to see what we’re looking for regarding crediting!
  • Submit your entries before the deadline & through our Google Forms: Going forward, we will be submitting verification messages to groups who successfully submitted their entries through our stated Google Form(s). Reminder again that all other means of entry will NOT be counted. No exceptions.
  • Critique Requests will be available for Round 1 entries. With Round 2 on hold, we will be accepting critique inquiries on all Round 1 entries! A follow-up post will be made with who will be writing them, as well as a form to use. (Please note: these will take some time to roll out as many of us are busy with IRL work. Thank you for your patience!)


… and that’s it! Basically, remember to double (or triple) check all your information prior to submitting, because we will be cracking down on that. :)

Anyways … on to the main topic: The Round 1 Results!

Round 1 Results:

Thank you for your patience! We are happy to present to you the results of Round 1.

Are you ready?


As a reminder, groups needed to rank within the top 50% of all submitted entries to pass.

In Round 1 we received 75 entries - meaning 38 groups have passed to Round 2.


Those 38 groups are the following (listed by final Round 1 rank):

  1. CODEX
  2. Oceanect
  3. ✧・゚: Angels of Gaia:・゚✧
  5. vicis eden
  6. Wisteria
  7. Hanahaki
  8. Dignitas
  9. X-IT
  10. Night Class
  11. HE∀DHUNT
  12. 🆑aneurysm
  13. Akhivali Tenesa
  14. S•O•M
  15. L.I.C.E
  16. astraea❀
  17. hexatone
  18. 0% RISK
  19. ℜ𝔢:𝔠𝔩𝔞𝔦𝔪
  20. 𝕳𝖞𝖉𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖆
  22. pruinae
  23. ラムネ!!
  24. Chrysalide
  25. storyb∞k
  26. 𝔩𝔞𝔪𝔦𝔞
  27. HEKSEN
  28. FataliTEA
  29. CirkusaD:
  30. CTRL+C
  31. autocorretc
  32. V0XCØLLE
  33. last se☾ond
  34. HOW ME
  35. EONES
  36. partea
  37. Ye Olde Yeehaws
  38. star★sent


… Congratulations to the following groups!


All Round 1 score sheets will be available in a couple days. Thank you for your patience as we distribute them. Rankings for Round 1 can be found here.

Thank you all for your patience!



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