Info Spotlight - Challenges!

Info Spotlight - Challenges!

Hello! k*chan here. Once again, welcome back to Serendipity! We're delighted to have you here. :D

A couple days ago, we put out a tweet saying SCB would release the details on our theme if we reached 1k+ followers.


First off, I just want to thank everyone that helped us reach our goal! It wouldn't have been possible without you.


Now, without further ado … our theme for SCB this year is…!

There is no theme! 🎉



Well, fear not! Instead of some boring, half-hearted attempts at giving you guys round themes (which, totally not how we did it in the last two SCBs) , you'll get to pick & choose the themes and quests you want to take on in our new Challenges System!


What is the Challenge System?

Challenges are "Extra Rules / Limitations" your group can take on to gain Bonus Points for your Round Score. Depending on which Challenges you choose to attempt, you may even get a change to earn an extra Member Pass.


How does it work?

A list will be posted on our Challenges page with all the available quests you can attempt. Each challenge will be categorized based on what part of the rubric/work they might affect (Audio, Visual, etc.)

Each Challenge is worth a different amount of points depending on the complexity or difficulty of what it's asking. Some of these challenges may be along the lines of «Add a 3-part harmony in your entry», or «use a limited color palette» … so on and so forth. The amount of points you gain from a Challenge will also vary (ranging from half credit, to full credit) depending on how well you execute it.


Your group can choose up to four (4) challenges to attempt for a single round. There's no limits regarding how many Challenges you decide to pull from each category, so your group is free to pick & choose the ones that you want to try out! However, the max amount of points you can earn from Challenge rewards is four (4) points.


Groups also cannot re-attempt to gain points for previously selected challenges, regardless of your group receiving half or full points from it in the previous round. (For instance, in Round 1 you take on the Audio challenge: «include a 3-part harmony in your entry» and receive full points for it. In Round 2, if you list that you are re-attempting the challenge, you will not receive points.) This was made in an effort to push everyone to try out new things!


And that's the gist of it!


At the moment, we're currently finalizing the list & adding the last touches!

The list should be posted up well before Round 1 starts though, so check back until then! We'll also push updates in another post + on our Twitter and Discord (which, is another thing to come soon ;])


Feel free to contact SCB Staff if you have any questions or concerns!

Thanks for reading! Next topic will be on our Contact & Announcement Discord! ;)



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